Downtown New Albany is located on the banks of the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Our central business district is filled with architecture from a variety of styles including Romanesque Revival, Victorian Gothic, Neoclassical, Egyptian Revival Style, Greek Revival Style and Italianate. The elegant façades of our downtown buildings reflect a time during the 1800’s when New Albany was Indiana’s largest and wealthiest city.

If you're looking for a friendly, walkable community filled with unique locally owned stores, locally owned restaurants and cultural attractions you have come to the right place. We invite you to peruse this website and we look forward to seeing you enjoying our wonderful downtown. 


A new accelerator program aimed at boosting creative entrepreneurs in the state has launched. On-Ramp, an Indiana Arts Commission pilot initiative, offers business skills training and professional coaching, and will serve as a connection point for potential supporters, collaborators and funding opportunities. It involves a three-day Creative Entrepreneur Course set for mid-May in Madison.

Anna Tragesser is the IAC artist and community services manager who serves as program manager of On-Ramp. "It's aimed to be flexible enough to support folks wherever they're at in their creative business, and we of course hope to see all of them move ahead in whatever that looks like for them," she said. "We'll be doing lots of learning throughout the year and watching what happens, so we can continue to adapt it in future years."

The program will initially include up to 35 artists. Participants who complete the Creative Entrepreneur Course can apply for the On-Ramp fellowship and up to $2,000 in project funding that comes with it. Executive Director Lewis Ricci says "On-Ramp is designed for artists and creatives looking to energize their business thinking, whether they are starting new, looking to deepen their business understanding, or find themselves at a professional crossroads."

The application deadline is March 1 and you can click here for more information.


Check out a new way to evaluate if your tax dollars are being allocated fairly? 

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has completed a wonderful tool to help residents gain a better understanding of their local taxing districts. The Department of Local Government Finance is responsible for ensuring property tax assessment and local government budgeting are carried out in accordance with Indiana law.

Local government taxing units in Indiana submit their property tax and financial data to the State of Indiana each year through the Department of Local Government and the State Board of Accounts. This financial data is now available to the public through a new web application. The Financial dashboards provide an "apples to apples" view of the key metrics that have been collected and are of interest to all of us – tax rates, income, spending, employment and school corporation metrics.

These Indiana "taxing units" include all counties, cities, towns, townships, school corporations, public libraries, water & sewer districts and special districts.  The DLGF calls them taxing units because they collect part of their funding through property tax collection.  It's important to remember that your home/property exists within the boundaries of many taxing units – and that each property is part of a specific and unique taxing district.

Click below to view more information on your local taxing units: 

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